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tibow - thinking isn't black or white. Help shape public opinion.

tibow is politically independent. Whilst the views on this app are not necessarily those of tibow, we will always defend the right for them to be made. If you don't agree with a statement on tibow, say so, and even better make arguments to persuade people to your way of thinking.

On one hand, we're increasingly fed fake news, uninformed commentary, and strings of tweets and trolling comments that add nothing to the debate. Alternative Facts, deliberate misinformation and use of statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost (for support rather than illumination) abound.

On the other, democracy seems to be broken. We don't believe people think in terms of left or right, capitalist or socialist, libertarian or authoritarian any more. Instead we think it's about individual decisions all of which are important.

tibow is here to help shape public opinion. We want to use crowd wisdom rather than popularism to start to create more informed debate.

We value independent thought. We object to group-think, whipped party positions on issues and secret lobbying. Your representative in politics should represent the majority view of their constituents not their party.

tibow uses information you provide in your profile and your previous responses to determine which statements appear. Our algorithms are designed to provide you with those you will find both interesting and persuasive.

If you'd like to integrate a tibow-mark® into your own website or app so that your audience can vote and provide arguments supporting or opposing your views, check out the examples page.

We will never share your personal information with any third parties, you can view our privacy policy here

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