Privacy Policy

Help shape public opinions

tibow is a phone app designed to make you think about the big issues in the world.

Make a decision on whether you agree or disagree with a statement and see a set of moderated statements designed to change your mind.

You can look at the arguments for both sides if you are undecided, post statements to persuade others, and once you've graduated to trusted bod, help us to moderate other's statements.

tibow Private Groups lets you join with your friends, colleagues, fellow council members to debate amongst yourselves, and vote for the most compelling arguments.

tibow Public Groups gives you a code to share on social media or traditional media to get your readers opinion on your position. Newspaper opinion writers are you brave enough?

tibow's AI looks at your past opinions, the most compelling arguments on our platform, and your demographic to deliver the most interesting statements, and those that are most likely to change your mind.

tibow is intended to be an exercise in informed direct democracy and as you let us know your positions across a range of issues, we build up your personal manifesto.

Help to shape the opinions of your community, your constituency, your country

Your personal information

tibow will not share your personal details with any third party.

All of the information in your profile is private. No other user, or any third party can see or obtain it. We collect this information solely to improve the tibow experience and gauge the opinion of sections of society.

Your views on tibow are private too. No other user can see the author of a statement unless it is a publically attributed quote.

You opinion is your own and no other user can identify what that opinion is. The only exception to this is if you have given your opinion in a small group where all the other's views are known and you can be identified by the process of elimination. You cannot be added to a group without your consent.

What we store when you use tibow

Statements you create, your opinion on statements, your membership of groups, your trusted bod decisions, your searches, your category selections. We store the time and the sequence of your tibow actions all to help determine what you may like to see next and to build a profile for your personal manifesto. We will never share this information with any other user or third party.

If you have any concerns about tibow's use of your information, please do not hesitate to contact us at